OCR Services:

OCR services are for those who have loads of documents where one cannot copy paste the information from documents. 3AG offers you OCR services where we put your document in to our OCR machines and they read the characters that can be saved in your desired format.

We can gather information from images, old papers, files, resumes, forms, flyers, artworks etc.

OCR services offered by 3AG :-

  • OCR cleanup services
  • Document digitizing services
  • OCR services
  • Microfiche scanning & conversion services
  • Microfilm scanning & conversion services
  • OCR services in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese and French

Procedure followed to ensure quality output

  • OCR Machine- Put the original document in the OCR machine
  • Scan- Scan the document
  • File- Machine generates the characters in an editable and non editable formats
  • Quality check- Check for the missing characters and input if some characters were missed
  • Desired format- Save the file in to desired format

3AG enables you to save your operational costs and get quality output in less turnaround time with 100 % compliance. Hundreds of customers have saved huge expenses by outsourcing OCR service requirement to us.

You need not worry about your important data that we will be handling. Data security system followed at 3AG is strict. When you provide us hard copies for OCR services, your data will be maintained safely and shipped back to you once the project is completed.