Accurate Billing, Accelerated Payments, Increased Client Retention:

Accurate Billing, Accelerated Payments, Increased Client Retention, wider and reliable solutions to improve cash flow through quicker claim submission and shorter receivables time.

We can help you significantly reduce payroll costs, assure processing accuracy and regulatory compliance, and enhance your satisfaction and delight. Some of the largest Medical Billing Companies rely on our professional expertise and technology enhanced suite of Coding, Billing, Collections and Denial Management services to improve business process and maximize cost savings. Our business model is based on quality deliverables, just like yours.

Why 3AG

We strive to solve your current issues in managing your business, and work towards equipping you for future challenges. We constantly learn, innovate and cross-deploy solutions, looking for opportunities to enhance your competitiveness or revenues or streamlining processes. We believe in making dramatic improvements to your business over time using our services and are not looking for marginal improvements through only cost savings.

What do you Gain