Accounts Receivable is the nerve centre of any practice. Without efficient and effective means of AR working methodologies the collection for any practice becomes unstable. Analysis of denials and partial payments is done by our senior medical billing specialists. Payers, patients, providers, facilities and any other participants are called to follow-up on denied, underpaid, pending and any other improperly processed claims and the action is documented in the system. We call patients, if authorized by the provider, to obtain information needed for billing such as identification number and to update the Coordination of Benefits (COB) with their insurance companies. Secondary paper claims are processed and sent to the client office for submission.

All claims in the system are examined and priorities are set. First the claims which are close to their filing limits are processed and subsequently based on the age of the claim. Periodic follow-ups over phone, email, and/or online are done to get the status of each claim submitted to the insurance company.

We track the healthcare updates through Monthly Bulletins, Notices, Circulars, Denial EOB, EOB with Deductible and Co-insurance information, Billing Rule Modification, Procedure Changes, Diagnosis Changes, modifier changes, New Policies, Check Copies, etc. Based on the updates we implement the changes for billing and collection purposes.